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I had to do a  little post about our upcoming release, I am so excited and eagerly awaiting its arrival, As usual there has been hiccups along the way which are incredibly annoying!  Not to mention stressful :/

What I am in complete awe of is how this has all come together.  And on such a multi national level.  What do I mean you ask?

Well there is me, little old mumma Em here in the south west of Western Australia with ideas, (I have lots of those and seem to have become a bit of a running joke in our family circles I think, “oh yeah another one of Emma’s idea” lol!! ) So I come up with these ideas and then I found this amazing lady and graphic designer in the Netherlands, yes the Netherlands, she has created the designs for me and has been an absolute pleasure to work with, we are currently working on winter ideas too!  On a side note its not too late to have your say in what we create 😉

Then there is the manufacturer in India, as much as I would have loved to keep making our sleeping bags we just cant do it anymore, My aunty and I nearly twitch when we see a sleeping bag pattern, we have sewn 100’s, I mean 100’s and us creative types bore easy, part of the package I am afraid!

So back to India, got a little side tracked, although there has been numerous delays and I would imagine this will not change, (I am working around this for future orders so bare with us while we get this in full swing) the quality of workmanship is amazing and they take great care and pride to create our range for us.  And for that I am very proud and grateful to be associated with such a fine company, a family run company.  Just like ours xx

So while we eagerly await our photo shoot with the AMAZING Bree from Carter & Rose Photography here are a few snaps I took with my little old camera, enjoy xx






Oct 05


Its been a few weeks since I did a post on our reno! It has been crazy here!  I have been trying to liase with India re our upcoming summer release and dance commitments, jujitsu and all the in between stuff has left me quite time poor!

But with out further ado, Mila’s room…. my dream nursery. Well nightmare to be honest :/  I didn’t get to make up a nursery for my first two kiddies, and this time around I was determined to do it my way, ha ha yeah right.

In the midst of a huge extension with a hubby doing all the carpentry work in his “spare time” outside of work hours I should have known it was a bit of a tall ask. But we got there in the end.  I am not at home and so don’t have my file with all the before photos.  The original room wasn’t bad, it had the old floor boards, they needed a bit of tlc, hours of sanding and then resealing, what a lovely job that is, I am still cleaning jarrah dust of the fan blades.

There is also a double sash window that was not working and had broken glass, I have since with the help of my dad and hubby, stripped back, sanded and mended the windows, we had tinted glass put in as it cops a lot of sun that side of the house and hubby installed new window runners so they are now fully operational in all their former glory.


And a few more photos for you around the room, and there you have it!!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask


WARNING!!!  If crazy mumma rant’s get your goat I suggest you click the close button at the top of your screen as it’s going to get U-Gly!!

It starts of with pregnancy, everybody is so intrigued and happy for you and when you go out to restaurants, parks, shopping centres and beauty salons, strangers want to dote on you and tell you your glowing!!

Then many months later a baby appears.  Its cute and beautiful but be warned they are scary little alien beasts that should not be allowed in public places, where heaven forbid they might make a sound and disturb the peace and quiet of other customers, clients!!

But hang on second…. I am a paying customer too??  I didn’t realise that growing another human would make my right to go out null and void, I must have missed the fine print, just goes to show you should read over your contracts with a fine tooth comb 😉

Like this morning, I went to the beauty salon with my 10 month old, something I have avoided for the forth coming reason.  It is the first time in about 4 years and to get my eyebrows done a 10 min job.

First of all I was told that the pram might not fit, would I mind waiting to see and I suggested that I reschedule feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed in front of other ladies waiting.  “no no I suppose we can sort something” Hmm, sorry for being a mum, I really don’t want to be any bother!!  Then they managed to squeeze us in and missy (10 months old) sat in the pram, quietly and happily.  Then it happened, its like a scene out of a horror movie!!  She made a noise!!  “dad, dad, dad, dad!!”  Oh dear … The employee “hmm lucky there is no massages on today!”

Oh once again I didn’t check my manual, apparently once your womb has been occupied and then vacated you wipe your right to a little mumma upkeep!  Whilst the alien beast is still in the womb it is ok, but not after it has left the building!

Yes us mumma’s are known for being neurotic, blowing things out of proportion, but I say I think I have earned the right to be!  I have witnessed my child have several asthma attacks that got him several over night stays in PMH on constant night watch with me sleeping, well watching on a chair all night because alarms kept going off!!  I have pulled a toddler out of water because they get away from onlookers so quickly, actually twice now.  I have preformed first aid on several babies choking, I have shared pain with close friends over the loss of babies and children alike.

I am neurotic sometimes, I do over exaggerate and yes this episode this morning I have probably over reacted too also.  But you know what??   I think I have earned that right.  I’m a person too, I would like some time out, I would like a little up keep, so I don’t feel like a slobby, snot/spew/food covered mummy all the time and for a moment albeit a very short time, I can feel like me, like Emma.  A lady that loves Ballet, loves anything creative, enjoys seeing my friends and family and having some sort of life amongst all the craziness.

I would not trade my place for all the tea in china, so please take this post lite heartedly, its just one crazy mumma moment that I new I could share with you all 😉

Feel free to share your stories too, I feel really good now after my silly blurb!!

All my love, Em – homemaker, style creator and sometimes crazy b**ch!!  😉




Sep 11

Mr Fox

I love playing around with styling a room.  This morning I played around with a little nursery scene.  It could really be a unisex room, but slightly leaning towards a little boy’s in my opinion.  But could very easily be made a little more girly with just a few changes.

Colour Scheme: Blue, white and yellow

Style: woodland inspired but not exclusive to.

A few little photos to give you an idea.

fox5 fox4 fox3 fox2 fox1


Product List:

  • Bunny Light – my little hands find it here
  • Bedside letterbox table – Mocka
  • Cot – Ikea
  • Mobile – my little hands find it here
  • Fox Blanket – my little hands – coming soon :)
  • Black and white cross blanket – my little hands
  • Cushion ABC Blue – my little hands find it here
  • Superhero Doll – my little hands find it here

So there we go, a bit of fun playing around with a design, what do you think?

Em x

So many things I have forget about our reno.   Like when we first started, I remember the three ugly HUGE palm trees that were out the front.  We got a professional in to take them down and I was in our front room watching and all of a sudden there was a “PING”!!! One of the seed pods on the ground was hit by the stump grinder and flew up and smashed one of the glass pains in the old sash windows we have, scared the life out of me!!  Needless to say they organised to have it replaced, but just one of the many events to encounter along the way.

I also remember now when we cleared and levelled the front yard, the old path was taken out only to find a second path hidden under it about 200mm under the top one!!  Plus some hidden sunken garden beds that all needed to be smashed out!!


Work out the back began with the race on to get the deck area sorted by my 30Th, which was about 2 months away at the time.  My brother came down to help with this and did an amazing job, aside from smashing a another window out the back!!  This time most of the panels in a double sash window.  Luckily that one was coming out anyway 😉

It all went up pretty quickly really, the deck boards them selves took the longest!!  Such a tedious and back breaking job!


Site Supervisor- furry, playful, push over


Kiddies watch on


Master bedroom taking shape


Men and their decks, something I will never understand!

So Did we make it in time for the big bash?  I am pleased to say, yes we did, it was a great party!!  Had the cops called on us as we were still partying at 2am, and for those that know me, I was totally embarrassed!!  I play by the rules, do as Im told, yes a bit of a goody two shoes!!  SO if you live in my area, my apologies for the noise, but It’s about the only party we have had here in the four years we have been in our home.

Here are a couple of cheeky photos of the party:


Hubby and Me xx


Little Cherubs having fun


Family xx


Family xx


Speeches argggh!!


Family xx


My sis in law and hubby – She is going to kill me!! She had a great night but was one very sick girlie the next day


All set up


More speeches and my mum, only photo I can find. My mum and mum in law kept everyone fed and happy, I am one very lucky lady.

Well I think I have blabbed enough for one day, will write again next week.

Em x



Aug 20

Our Reno

Where do I start!!  We bought our dream home about 4 years ago, all be it a house that is over 65 years old, full of character and a lot of potential.  It has been a HUGE roller coaster ride, with three kiddies, the middle one only a few months old when we started and the arrival of a third in the heart of it.

I must say it has nearly broken us.  We have achieved so much and my poor hubby has worked tirelessly and at times to the point of breaking I think.  However, we have become stronger and closer because of it.  It is amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

I wont lie, it has come at a cost, to our bodies, our bank account and family holidays.  We have had to put a lot on hold to do what we have and I hope that maybe, just maybe that might be about to change.

I thought I would start a little series of the journey.  These are just a few photos I dug up early on in the piece.  I was a little shocked we look a lot younger then when I was flicking through them all!!


I cant believe that this is where we started!!  I think this could be a really good thing for me going over this and actually seeing what we have done, sometimes I think I can be a little hard on myself, and yes I know all my family and friends reading this are nodding your heads and saying “you think??”  Well, you love me for it so what can I say.

I think that’s enough to digest for one night!!  Will bring you more soon.  If you are renovating and would like any ideas or inspiration feel free to comment or share your experiences, I would love to hear from you.

Night Night!

Em x


Paparazzi eat your heart out!!  My goodness my little girl is just like her father, LOVES being in the spotlight!

I had the lovely and very talented Bree from Carter & Rose Photography come do a photo shoot for our new sleeping bags.  Well Miss Mila thought she was famous!!   She gooed and gaad for Bree, but that is what I love about Bree’s style, relaxed, fun, natural shots and it shows in her work.

I first met Bree through a friend, I was then lucky enough to book her in for a family portrait session when I was in the early stages of pregnancy with Mila.  I have photos from this shoot up on our lounge room wall.  They are devine!!  Actually it’s an entire wall of photos, a Carter & Rose tribute really!!  Everybody that comes to our home comments on them and with very good reason, this is just one of the photos as I am sure by know you are thinking, well show us then!!!


Photo courtesy of Carter and Rose Photography

And a couple more for you…


Photo courtesy of Carter and Rose Photography



Photo courtesy of Carter and Rose Photography

In know time at all, Bree had captured exactly what I was after and with some amazing results, here are a couple of the photos from the shoot including some behind the scenes with me looking all glamorous NOT!!!


Photo courtesy of Carter and Rose Photography


Photo courtesy of Carter and Rose Photography


Photo courtesy of Carter and Rose Photography


You can find more info and some more photos of our baby sleeping bags here



40 weeks is a long time to be pregnant.  Yes it is a beautiful thing and yes it is an honour, a gift, something amazing!

BUT… enough is enough, my poor gorgeous sister in law is overdue with bub number two.  She is going stir crazy with anticipation and perhaps a little bit of dread knowing all too well that to have a baby she first has to do exactly that, get it out, OUCH!

So while she waits I have asked for some funny quotes and inspiration from friends.

So far this is what we have come up with…

And a few funny quotes:baby 1

baby 2

and this one.

Floss we love you and can’t wait to meet your little squish!! Hang in there
Em xx

Black and white.




For kids?  I here you ask, in my opinion? Yes. I think if done well it looks gorgeous!!

When contemplating a monochromatic scheme for any room, think about textures, shades and a feature piece.  Something that stands out and brings it all together, it might be a bed, chair or fabulous rug.  Make that your one splash out piece so to speak and create your room around it.

Over the next few weeks I will be finally working on my sons room and this is the look Im going for.  Just with a slight difference, I have a soft blue on his walls and I dont want o repaint so I will be working splashes of blue and yellow (his fav colour) into the room to make it work.

For me My feature piece would be will paper or wall art something like this.  These are actually wall stickers I think you can find them all over the place from ebay, to etsy, online shops like zanui or downthatlittlelane.

pin black

Or this devine wallpaper by Fine Little Day again scandinavian design, I am somewhat obsessed!!


I am in the middle of making his bedding and I promise to do another follow up blog when it is all finished, but its white and black with the swiss first aid cross inspired print that seems to be going crazy everywhere!!  Simple yet effective,  I am going to team it with some woollens and a little blue and yellow. That’s the plan anyway.

As we have gorgeous wooden floor board I don’t want to cover them up too much but do want something to add texture and to keep his little feet warm during these cold months, haven’t decided exactly which rug but like the idea of this one, found at ikea.

virring-rug-low-pile__0172388_PE326436_S4Combined with a locker style cabinet and mocka bed side for some storage.

mocka post box ps cabinet

In the middle of sourcing curtains and we are going to paint the wooden ventians white as a little DIY project.  the curtains I am tempted to make as we have really high ceilings and finding it hard to find what I want and the look, so it might end up being a black and white gingham hand made special I think!

And just to keep my hubby busy a handmade little study nook with floating white wall shelves or maybe incorporating some black brackets to add to the look.  I cant wait to get stuck into this project, I have been mulling over it in my head and couldn’t quite come up with the right combo, but I have a clear plan in my head know and promise to share once it’s complete!  SO stay tuned.

Just to leave with you a little more pretty inspiration, some other gorgeous pics sourced from our pinterets pins.

bw4 bw3 bw2

Take Care

Em x

Wow just one sleep until our little home studio opening!!  We cant wait to share with you what we have been upto over the past month, with so many gorgeous brands joining our studio.

We look forward to meeting some new customers and seeing some of our gorgeous regulars that have been with us from the start.

Thank you everyone for making this possible and a special mention to my mum, mum in law  and sister and my aunty, you have all helped in so many ways so thank you xx

Here is a little sneek peak of some goodies we will have :

classic dream blanket make believe lifestyle


sapling - cross my heart dress

sapling – cross my heart dress


WE will have light refreshments available and look forward to a  chat and a chance to get to know some locals.  See you there, if you would like more info head to our fb page event here

have a wonderful night

Em x