I have had the pleasure of working with Emma for, hmm, let me think, over the past seven years.  During that time I have seen her grow from The Goodnight Nurse to a now a family of Goodnight Angels!!  Offering workshops and private consultations, Emma Pollard Owner/Operator squeezed in 5 minutes to answer some questions for us.

Q: Please introduce yourself and tell our lovely readers about yourself

I’m Emma Pollard and I founded  “The Goodnight Nurse”. As the name would suggest, I come from a nursing background but knew NOTHING really about children until I had my own! I now have a 10yr old and a 6yr old. I’m still learning!!!

 Q: when and why did you start your business?

I started my business officially in 2007 after a very traumatic introduction to parenting and disappointment in my interpretation of what being a mum would be. I knew my son would change my life, I just didn’t realise it would be as big an adjustment as it was. The feeling of dread and the constant feeling of “What have I done?” were only secondary to the tiredness. The absolutely dreadful, horrible, crippling tiredness.  I knew that if I could teach my son to sleep, I could help anyone. I would make it my ambition in life to reach as many parents as I could so they wouldn’t need to suffer like my son and I did.

Q: Your 3 must have items and why?

Personally, if we are talking materialistic… 1.  My phone 2.  Music 3.  A healthy supply of potato chips and chocolate For work (and for parents) 1. A proper baby wrap like the “My little hands” ones.  Having a proper wrap is essential to promotion of baby sleep and prevention of overtiredness and cat napping. 2. A good quality sleeping bag, again from my little hands so your child is the perfect temperature all through the night and is safe from suffocation from blankets. 3. White noise.  Not a white noise app or machines (that have been proven to damage your childs hearing) but my favourite, The “revitaliser” from Nature Direct. AMAZING! Cleans your childs air, helps them breathe when they have a cold and is the PERFECT whitenoise to assist with sleep.
Q: Your passions?

My family (of course) My work (of course) My Friends (of course) Supporting our local Bush fire Brigade (my husband is a member) Being an active member of our school Board.

 Q: If there was one thing you could change about yourself what would it be?

I’d go back to days when I thought I was fat and be that size again!!! I wouldn’t change too much actually. I’m pretty pleased with the direction I have taken in life. Everything happens for a reason and it makes us who we are today. Changing something would mean changing who I am. Maybe my bank balance though. That could do with being topped up a bit!

Q:  If you could have dinner with one celebrity who would it be and why?

Hmm… Celebrity… I could say something deep like the Dali Lama but in all honesty, an evening with John Snow (game of thrones) would be pretty cool!

Q: what is the one thing you love most about your job?

There’s more than 1 thing but if I had to choose, I’d say the satisfaction and reward in taking a family from having “no hope” to empowering them and helping them find the confidence in themselves and their children. There’s no greater reward. That feeling that I know I’ve helped.

Thank you so much for your time Emma and for all your support over the past many years xx  You can find The goodnight Nurse Gang online here

Or on facebook

Jul 07

Max and Poppy

maxpoppyIntroducing our next fabulous stockist Max and Poppy, Renae has been with us for a couple of seasons and now and is a lovely, lovely, lady:)

Based in Bedford Western Australia, Renae has a rocking online store that supports Aussie and NZ brands, so make sure to check her store out and share with friends.

Q: Please introduce yourself and tell our lovely readers about yourself and  when and why did you start your business?

Hi there, I’m Renae. My online store is called Max & Poppy which I started late last year. I have been working in marketing and sales for the past ten years and thought I’d be able to bring some of my expertise to a thriving industry, one which I have a great interest in.  My husband and I welcomed our first son Max into the world just over a year ago and parenthood has been fantastic. He’s such a good little boy, we’re so lucky and so in love with him.   Wanting Max to be comfortable and look trendy, as well as wanting to support local brands was the spark which has lead to Max & Poppy becoming what it is today.

I’d always wanted to run a business for myself and having time off for maternity leave gave me the time to bring my ideas to fruition. I’ve always placed a pretty big importance on supporting Australian products and brands and found it quite difficult finding local labels when clothing Max as a newborn. I saw what I thought was a great opportunity to open up a little niche market by exclusively ranging Australian brands for all the parents out there wanting something a little different, fashionable and great quality for their children.

Q: Your 3 must have items and why?

I can’t go without a cup of tea in the morning so that’s certainly number one. I’d probably be lost without my phone these days which is a bit sad but true – what did we used to do? Hmmm, I don’t think I could go a day without a decent lip balm either so that makes three!

Q: Your passions?

I’ve been lucky enough to have done a bit of travelling over the years and have lived in the both the UK and Canada. Seeing new places and experiencing different cultures is a huge passion of mine and I hope to do a lot more in the future. Highlights so far have been New York, Istanbul and Seville. Very different but incredible cities for so many reasons. It goes without saying that family & friend are the most important thing in my life. I’ve got a loving husband, a gorgeous little boy and a feisty moggy called Maple. I’m blessed with large extended families on both sides and also have a wonderful group of friends who I’d be lost without.

Q: If there was one thing you could change about yourself what would it be?

I wish I could survive on only a few hours sleep. That way I would achieve so much more on my to do lists. But unfortunately I need 8/9 hours otherwise I don’t function.

Q: If you could have dinner with one celebrity who would it be and why?

Wow, great question, it’s difficult to only pick one! Audrey Hepburn was a beautiful, classy woman who also looked like she knew how to have fun! Her humanitarian work was an inspiration, just amazing. If I could go back in time I’d love to spend an evening with her, what an experience that would be.

Q: what is the one thing you love most about your job?

Receiving images of my customers dressed in there new threads and seeing repeat customers.

Thank you so much for your time Renae and for being such a fabulous stockist!!  You can find max and poppy online shop here

and on facebook



Jul 03

Choose Joy

We have a fabulous, growing list of stockists, so I wanted to spend a little time introducing the stores and their magnificent owners.  I will start with Chrissie from Choose Joy, an online retailer located in Fremantle, with a view to become a bricks and mortar store in the future.  To get to know them a little better we set up a little interview and it went like this:

Q: Please introduce yourself and tell our lovely readers about yourself:

A: My name is Chrissie and I have an online store Choose Joy.  I am a Melbourne girl married to a Structural Engineer from Sydney, and we move….  A LOT.  We finally built our first home in gorgeous South Fremantle in Perth where we are raising our gorgeous children Sadie Joy nearly 4 and William AKA Billy 10 months.  Not forgetting our fur child, Bruce our Blue English Staffy he’s seven.  We have been in WA for over three years now and we love it.

In my past life I was in corporate sales and training, I have also studied kinesiology, so I am a big advocate of natural medicine.

Q: when and why did you start your business?

I have only just started my business.  After years of moving and having babies I’m finally putting my dreams into reality.  At this stage of our lives I need a business that I can take with me…  ANYWHERE.  Being married to a bridge engineer we can move at anytime.

Q: Your 3 must have items and why?

Sunglasses – I hate glare…  I will turn the car around and come home if I forget them

My Phone – not living where I grew up is hard at times.  My best friends and Mum live in Melbourne, even though I have been away for over 4 years now I still talk to them regularly.  When you have known people since you started school they are a part of your soul.  Staying connected to them keeps my heart happy.

Trainers – Living in South Fremantle I am so lucky to be able to walk everywhere, I can go over a week and not drive my car.  Today I put on jeans and flats and my daughter asked where I was going and why I didn’t have my “daggy walking clothes” on.

Q: Your passions?

I’ve always struggled with this question.  I always wished I had a true big passion for something that I focussed my life and or career on.  Now I’m in my 40’s (only just) I have realised that you can be passionate about a lot of things in your life.

  • Good Bed linen – I wish I had more
  • Handbags and shoes – again, wish I had more
  • People being kind to each other
  • My babies and teaching them how to be good humans
  • Being a good example to my kids
  • My husband – he is just the best person ever made
  • Good food and wine
  • Kinesiology and Naturopathy

Q: If there was one thing you could change about yourself what would it be?

I am in the process of changing what I don’t like about myself, my weight.  I have struggled with my weight most of my life and after having two children I decided it was time to change things.  So since Jan I have lost 14kgs so I am nearly half way there…  My children are benefitting from a healthier happier, fitter mum. That makes me really proud of myself.

I’m a worrier too, I would love to change that…  But I think that is just part of being a mum

Q: If you could have dinner with one celebrity who would it be and why?

Catherine Hamlin, she has worked tirelessly her whole life for women in Africa.  Her passion and dedication is inspiring, and to be around a human being like that for an evening would change your life.

Q: what is the one thing you love most about your job?

I can bring all the things I love (clothes, babywear and bags) together, I can work from home, and I get to meet other amazing, talented, inspiring and helpful mummies who all love to see one another succeed.

We would like to welcome Chrissie aboard as a valued stockist of My Little Hands and we know you are going to love her online shop!!  You can find her shop here


Jun 17

Bed Wetting

Bed wetting, (or nocturnal enuresis) most of us have been there with transitioning children from night time nappies to no nappies, for some its a breeze and for others not so much.  What I want to do is try and shed the light on a few ideas from a personal perspective and a professional background, using my former job as insight.  I am also a nutritionist and I specialised in consulting regarding issues with babies and children as this was (and still is) my passion.  A passion to help, if I can.

For those of you out there at the moment struggling with night time wetting I want to say this to you.  It is nothing to be ashamed of, yes it can be difficult but every child is soooo different and just because little Johnny from down the road is 4yrs old and your gorgeous kiddo is 6yrs old and having difficulties with holding on all night, does not mean there is anything wrong with, nor that they are less clever or less advanced.

Here are a few facts to make my point:

  • bed wetting is very common, in fact effecting 1 in 5 children in Australia
  • day time control of wetting usually comes before night time
  • some children can still experience accidents up until the age of 7 and 8

What can cause bedwetting?

  • not being able to wake up with a full bladder
  • an overactive bladder that is unable to store urine over night and can not store it

Bed wetting myths/bedwetting is NOT caused by the following:

  • caused by being “young for their age”
  • rebellious behaviour
  • laziness
  • bad behaviour
  • drinking after dinner

When to seek help:

  • a child that has been dry at night suddenly starts wetting
  • it upsets your child or is making them angry
  • frequent wetting in school age children
  • the child wants to become dry

Diet and Bedwetting:

There is a lot of contradicting research out there about the roll of food in bedwetting, from my research and personal experience I believe it can play a vital role.  Here are a few of my findings

  • certain food additives need to avoided the most common ones 282 (in most store bought bread)
  • salicylate containing foods can make the bedwetting worse, these are compounds found naturally in food like tomatoes, broccoli, grapes, citrus fruits and juices
  • dairy can play a factor, finding alternatives can prove helpful, like rice milk, oat milk or some have been ok with A2 cows milks rather than your regular cows milk

If this is something you suspect, I would urge you to visit a nutritionist or naturopath for guidance about how to go about it, so your child isn’t missing any essential nutrients.  It can seem daunting but there are ways to make it easier and the reward for effort can be huge in so many more ways than just in relation to bedwetting.

Treatment Strategies:

  1. Night Alarms – these have proven useful, seek professional medical advice
  2. medications: in some cases there can be a underlying medical issue, not very often but a visit to a GP is a good starting point to check
  3. homeopathy – there have been some great results with homeopathic remedies, visit a local practitioner for advice
  4. Diet: as pointed out above- seek professional advice from a qualified practitioner
  5. Try to avoid using rewards or reward chart style systems, as bedwetting is not something that your child has control of, so therefore incentive based reward will not help, they are not wetting to be “bad”.
  6. symptomatic treatment Brolly Sheets can be a life saver during the night and a product we will be adding tou shop soon.

I hope some of this has helped and here are a few other links you may find useful:

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

Fed Up

Bed Wetting Alarms







Feather Printable

We are soooo excited about the upcoming release of our SS15 range.  It will start going into stores over the next month or so and we are sure it will please and delight.

Featuring feathers and arrows and some of our most popular prints, there will be something for everyone.

We have had  a HUGE response to pre-orders of our feather blankets, (which will also be available in a swaddle wrap very soon by the way so stay tuned!!)  If you would like to pre order head here for the pink or here for the blue.  Orders for these will post out week starting 15th June.

Feather Blanket Dusty Rose

Feather Blanket Dusty Rose

Feather Blanket Blue

Feather Blanket Blue

So to celebrate we have made a little feather printable for you!!  You can use it to make a string of feathers as a garland or to make a hanging mobile by hanging strings of feathers onto a round wooden ring or go for a natural look with crossed twigs as your mobile.  Whichever way you like, that’s the fun its up to you!!  Print it onto white card and then using water colour paint, paint your feathers in your chosen colour scheme.  Or print it onto colour card or cut out a template and trace onto pages from and old book and cut out the feather shapes from that!!  Let your imagination run wild and over the next few weeks I will endeavour to bring you some DIY posts on some ideas I come up with.

So what are you waiting for?  Get your printable here.

I had to do a  little post about our upcoming release, I am so excited and eagerly awaiting its arrival, As usual there has been hiccups along the way which are incredibly annoying!  Not to mention stressful :/

What I am in complete awe of is how this has all come together.  And on such a multi national level.  What do I mean you ask?

Well there is me, little old mumma Em here in the south west of Western Australia with ideas, (I have lots of those and seem to have become a bit of a running joke in our family circles I think, “oh yeah another one of Emma’s idea” lol!! ) So I come up with these ideas and then I found this amazing lady and graphic designer in the Netherlands, yes the Netherlands, she has created the designs for me and has been an absolute pleasure to work with, we are currently working on winter ideas too!  On a side note its not too late to have your say in what we create 😉

Then there is the manufacturer in India, as much as I would have loved to keep making our sleeping bags we just cant do it anymore, My aunty and I nearly twitch when we see a sleeping bag pattern, we have sewn 100’s, I mean 100’s and us creative types bore easy, part of the package I am afraid!

So back to India, got a little side tracked, although there has been numerous delays and I would imagine this will not change, (I am working around this for future orders so bare with us while we get this in full swing) the quality of workmanship is amazing and they take great care and pride to create our range for us.  And for that I am very proud and grateful to be associated with such a fine company, a family run company.  Just like ours xx

So while we eagerly await our photo shoot with the AMAZING Bree from Carter & Rose Photography here are a few snaps I took with my little old camera, enjoy xx






Oct 05


Its been a few weeks since I did a post on our reno! It has been crazy here!  I have been trying to liase with India re our upcoming summer release and dance commitments, jujitsu and all the in between stuff has left me quite time poor!

But with out further ado, Mila’s room…. my dream nursery. Well nightmare to be honest :/  I didn’t get to make up a nursery for my first two kiddies, and this time around I was determined to do it my way, ha ha yeah right.

In the midst of a huge extension with a hubby doing all the carpentry work in his “spare time” outside of work hours I should have known it was a bit of a tall ask. But we got there in the end.  I am not at home and so don’t have my file with all the before photos.  The original room wasn’t bad, it had the old floor boards, they needed a bit of tlc, hours of sanding and then resealing, what a lovely job that is, I am still cleaning jarrah dust of the fan blades.

There is also a double sash window that was not working and had broken glass, I have since with the help of my dad and hubby, stripped back, sanded and mended the windows, we had tinted glass put in as it cops a lot of sun that side of the house and hubby installed new window runners so they are now fully operational in all their former glory.


And a few more photos for you around the room, and there you have it!!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask


WARNING!!!  If crazy mumma rant’s get your goat I suggest you click the close button at the top of your screen as it’s going to get U-Gly!!

It starts of with pregnancy, everybody is so intrigued and happy for you and when you go out to restaurants, parks, shopping centres and beauty salons, strangers want to dote on you and tell you your glowing!!

Then many months later a baby appears.  Its cute and beautiful but be warned they are scary little alien beasts that should not be allowed in public places, where heaven forbid they might make a sound and disturb the peace and quiet of other customers, clients!!

But hang on second…. I am a paying customer too??  I didn’t realise that growing another human would make my right to go out null and void, I must have missed the fine print, just goes to show you should read over your contracts with a fine tooth comb 😉

Like this morning, I went to the beauty salon with my 10 month old, something I have avoided for the forth coming reason.  It is the first time in about 4 years and to get my eyebrows done a 10 min job.

First of all I was told that the pram might not fit, would I mind waiting to see and I suggested that I reschedule feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed in front of other ladies waiting.  “no no I suppose we can sort something” Hmm, sorry for being a mum, I really don’t want to be any bother!!  Then they managed to squeeze us in and missy (10 months old) sat in the pram, quietly and happily.  Then it happened, its like a scene out of a horror movie!!  She made a noise!!  “dad, dad, dad, dad!!”  Oh dear … The employee “hmm lucky there is no massages on today!”

Oh once again I didn’t check my manual, apparently once your womb has been occupied and then vacated you wipe your right to a little mumma upkeep!  Whilst the alien beast is still in the womb it is ok, but not after it has left the building!

Yes us mumma’s are known for being neurotic, blowing things out of proportion, but I say I think I have earned the right to be!  I have witnessed my child have several asthma attacks that got him several over night stays in PMH on constant night watch with me sleeping, well watching on a chair all night because alarms kept going off!!  I have pulled a toddler out of water because they get away from onlookers so quickly, actually twice now.  I have preformed first aid on several babies choking, I have shared pain with close friends over the loss of babies and children alike.

I am neurotic sometimes, I do over exaggerate and yes this episode this morning I have probably over reacted too also.  But you know what??   I think I have earned that right.  I’m a person too, I would like some time out, I would like a little up keep, so I don’t feel like a slobby, snot/spew/food covered mummy all the time and for a moment albeit a very short time, I can feel like me, like Emma.  A lady that loves Ballet, loves anything creative, enjoys seeing my friends and family and having some sort of life amongst all the craziness.

I would not trade my place for all the tea in china, so please take this post lite heartedly, its just one crazy mumma moment that I new I could share with you all 😉

Feel free to share your stories too, I feel really good now after my silly blurb!!

All my love, Em – homemaker, style creator and sometimes crazy b**ch!!  😉




Sep 11

Mr Fox

I love playing around with styling a room.  This morning I played around with a little nursery scene.  It could really be a unisex room, but slightly leaning towards a little boy’s in my opinion.  But could very easily be made a little more girly with just a few changes.

Colour Scheme: Blue, white and yellow

Style: woodland inspired but not exclusive to.

A few little photos to give you an idea.

fox5 fox4 fox3 fox2 fox1


Product List:

  • Bunny Light – my little hands find it here
  • Bedside letterbox table – Mocka
  • Cot – Ikea
  • Mobile – my little hands find it here
  • Fox Blanket – my little hands – coming soon :)
  • Black and white cross blanket – my little hands
  • Cushion ABC Blue – my little hands find it here
  • Superhero Doll – my little hands find it here

So there we go, a bit of fun playing around with a design, what do you think?

Em x

So many things I have forget about our reno.   Like when we first started, I remember the three ugly HUGE palm trees that were out the front.  We got a professional in to take them down and I was in our front room watching and all of a sudden there was a “PING”!!! One of the seed pods on the ground was hit by the stump grinder and flew up and smashed one of the glass pains in the old sash windows we have, scared the life out of me!!  Needless to say they organised to have it replaced, but just one of the many events to encounter along the way.

I also remember now when we cleared and levelled the front yard, the old path was taken out only to find a second path hidden under it about 200mm under the top one!!  Plus some hidden sunken garden beds that all needed to be smashed out!!


Work out the back began with the race on to get the deck area sorted by my 30Th, which was about 2 months away at the time.  My brother came down to help with this and did an amazing job, aside from smashing a another window out the back!!  This time most of the panels in a double sash window.  Luckily that one was coming out anyway 😉

It all went up pretty quickly really, the deck boards them selves took the longest!!  Such a tedious and back breaking job!


Site Supervisor- furry, playful, push over


Kiddies watch on


Master bedroom taking shape


Men and their decks, something I will never understand!

So Did we make it in time for the big bash?  I am pleased to say, yes we did, it was a great party!!  Had the cops called on us as we were still partying at 2am, and for those that know me, I was totally embarrassed!!  I play by the rules, do as Im told, yes a bit of a goody two shoes!!  SO if you live in my area, my apologies for the noise, but It’s about the only party we have had here in the four years we have been in our home.

Here are a couple of cheeky photos of the party:


Hubby and Me xx


Little Cherubs having fun


Family xx


Family xx


Speeches argggh!!


Family xx


My sis in law and hubby – She is going to kill me!! She had a great night but was one very sick girlie the next day


All set up


More speeches and my mum, only photo I can find. My mum and mum in law kept everyone fed and happy, I am one very lucky lady.

Well I think I have blabbed enough for one day, will write again next week.

Em x